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**自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****更新日期10 April 2012

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**自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****更新日期10 April 2012


Who are we

This web site (Autism Asia) aims at documenting the history and development of autism in Asia.  It is because there are increasing demands to understand and explore autism all over the world.  Presently there are limited information and access on the documentation of autism in Asia both in the official and academic sectors.  The non-governmental organizations (NGO) are under rapid expansion due to the increasing demands for autism services and the moving force of parents and volunteers.  However, a majority of these NGO websites are covering on their own initiative with limited focus either from their internal perspective or within organization framework.  

The following areas will be the focus of our website:

(1)  The increasing number of autism websites created by expatriates with special focus in welfare, religion, or other specific purposes. 

(2)  The Whos and Whos that have established NGO services for people with autism in Asia.

(3)  International organizations’ participation in the autism service sector in Asia.

(4)  Documentation of the history and development of autism government policy, social development and citizen participation in Asian countries.

(5)  Connecting and collaborating autism organizations in Asia.

This web page was first constructed in April 2012 with support from our mother website ( Copyright of this web page belongs to Autism – Hong Kong, Autism Asia & Mr. YU Sau Ying © 2012-May 7, 2012.  The webmaster & designer of this web page is Mr. YU Sau-ying, Francis.  If you need materials in other language, you may try to surf in the autism related web pages column or other foreign web sites like .

**自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****自閉症可治療****更新日期10 April 2012


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